Competitive Lease Sale Notices & Results

August 4, 2015

Environmental Assessments
Preliminary GIS Dataset

May 5, 2015

Competitive Sale Notice  - 1.86mb
Parcel # Crossover List - 62kb
Environmental Assessments
   GIS Dataset

February 3, 2015

Sale Results - 75kb
Competitive Sale Notice - 4.17mb 
   Information Notice #1
   Information Notice #2
   Information Notice #3
Parcel # Crossover List (Corrected 11/25/14) - 70kb
Environmental Assessments
   GIS Dataset
Wild Earth Guardians - 3.7mb
Protest Decision
   Wild Earth Guardians - 1.3mb






Contact:  Chris Hite
Chief, Fluid Minerals Adjudication

O&G Leasing Reform  

2015-2016 Nomination & Sale Dates

Form 3000-2 - Competitive O&G or Geothermal 
   Res. Lease Bid
Form 3000-3 - Assignment of Record Title 
   Interest in a Lease for O&G and Geothermal Res.
Form 3000-3a - Transfer of Operating Right 
   (Sublease) in a Lease for O&G and Geothermal Res.
Form 3100-11 - Offer to Lease & Lease for O&G

Instruction Memoranda

WO IM 2013-105 Adjudication of O&G and 
   Geothermal Operating Rights Assignments

WO IM 2013-177 NEPA Compliance for O&G 
   Lease Reinstatement Petitions

WO IM 2014-004 O&G Informal Expressions of