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Smokey Bobblehead.

Smokey Bobbleheads handed 
out at the game.

Smokey Bear Night at Casper Ghosts Game

On July 30, the BLM Casper Field Office partnered with the Casper Ghosts minor league baseball team to provide a Smokey Bear educational event at the game.

Smokey Bear was on hand along with BLM firefighters to teach fire prevention to a sellout crowd of 2,500. The Casper Field Office also had their summer picnic at the game and employees were able to enjoy all the festivities while showing BLM support for the community.

"Thanks to all of you for making the BLM sponsored Smokey Bear/Fire Safety night a success. BLM gained some good exposure to a record crowd at the game, and Smokey really zipped that first pitch over the plate!" noted Casper Field Office Manager Joe Meyer.

Opening pitch. Ride onto the baseball field on BLM’s fire truck.

Smokey throws out the opening pitch.


Smokey Bear and Hobart ride out onto
 the baseball field on BLM’s fire truck.

Mike Lansing Field. Smokey Bear and Casper Ghosts Mascot Hobart.

Smokey Bear and Hobart at 
Mike Lansing Field.


Smokey Bear and Casper 
Ghosts Mascot Hobart.

Last updated: 12-22-2010