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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Buffalo Field Office (BFO) announces the availability of an environmental assessment (EA) on the Hank Unit of the Nichols Ranch uranium in situ recovery (ISR) mining project for public review. The Hank Unit project area is located approximately 40 miles southwest of Gillette, Wyo.

The Hank Unit encompasses approximately 2,250 acres with proposed disturbances of about 155 acres. BLM administered surface lands are approximately 303 acres with 35 acres of proposed disturbance. Proposed facilities within the Hank Unit include well fields for injection, production and monitoring, wellhead houses, a satellite processing facility, an access road network and pipeline system. Final reclamation and abandonment of the site is included in the plan.

Uranerz Energy Corporation filed a Plan of Operations to use BLM surface within the Hank Unit of their Nichols Ranch In-Situ Uranium Mine for which, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued a Material License in July 2011. The BLM has prepared an EA to analyze the environmental effects of in-situ mining on public lands.

The 30-day public comment period runs from June 24 through July 24, 2013. 

For more information, please contact Thomas Bills, NEPA and Environmental Coordinator,  at 307-684-1133. Comments may also be emailed to NicholsRanch_Uranium_WY@blm.gov.

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Hank Unit Project Area

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Environmental Assessment

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Mine Operations and Reclamation

Reclamation Plan

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  Figure 1-1: General Location Map
Figure 1-3: Hank Unit Contour Map 


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