Buffalo Field Office

Peak Powder River Resources, LLC.

FY 2014 | 2013

FY 2015

Atwood-Laur Fed 1 POD

J Cosner Fed 1 POD

 Leavit Fed 1 POD

 FY 2014

Christensen Ranch 1-14H and 1-23H

Roush Fed 1 POD

Roush 1-33H

Stoddard Fed 21/4272 POD

 Suchan Fed 1 POD

T-Chair 1-31H

T-Cosner Fed 19/4372 POD

Van Buggenum

 FY 2013

Iberlin 1-9H and 1-9TH

Iberlin 1-12H and 1-12TH