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Atlantic Rim Natural Gas Development Project Documents

Monitoring Reports & Studies

2011 Muddy Creek Monitoring Report
2010 Atlantic Rim Performance Goals 

2010 Muddy Creek Monitoring Report 

2009 Wildlife Monitoring Report

2009 Muddy Creek Monitoring Report 

2008 Wildlife Monitoring Report
2008 Introduced and Native Fish Hybridize to Form a Genetic Bridge
2008 Overview of Atlantic Rim Monitoring Report
2008 Muddy Creek Monitoring Plan
2008 Atlantic Rim - Muddy Creek Tributary Monitoring Plan - not yet available

2008 Muddy Creek Monitoring Report
    2008 Atlantic Rim - Monitoring Plan Appendix A
    2008 Atlantic Rim - Monitoring Plan Appendix B

2007 Wildlife Monitoring Report 
2007 Fish Population Estimates and Barriers in Muddy Creek - Compton
2006 Final Report on Genetics of Catostomid Suckers
2005 Little Snake River Conservation District – Muddy Creek Watershed Project
2005 Habitat Associations of Fish Species - Bower
2005 Fish Distribution and Assemblages in Lower Muddy Creek - Beatty

Review Team Instruction Memorandums and Decisions


Company Annual Reports, Presentations & Review Team Meetings









Approved Atlantic Rim Documents

Environmental Assessments

Record of Decision - 1.8mb

Final Environmental Impact Statement