Sweetwater Wilderness Study Area near Lander, Wyoming. Mountain biking near South Pass, Wyoming. Wildflower near Lander, Wyoming. Miners Delight cabin near South Pass, Wyoming. Copper Mountain Wilderness Study Area near Lander, Wyoming.
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Lander Field Office


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is pleased to announce the availability of the Lander Proposed Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The release of the proposed RMP and final EIS initiates a 30-day protest period during which members of the public with standing have the opportunity to protest the content of the proposed RMP and final EIS. The 30-day protest period begins February 22, 2013, the date the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publishes the notice of availability (NOA) of the proposed RMP and final EIS in the Federal Register, and concludes March 25, 2013. The 60-day Governor’s consistency review will also begin following publication of the NOA.


  • Covers BLM-administered lands and minerals in portions of Fremont, Natrona, Sweetwater and Carbon Counties in the central part of Wyoming.
  • Covers approximately 2.5 million acres of public surface and 2.7 million acres of federal mineral estate.
  • All but about 12,000 acres of the RMP area mineral estate will be available for oil and gas development under standard stipulation. A portion of this acreage will be available with a no surface occupancy stipulation, and a small portion will be no leasing.
  • For livestock grazing administration, 290 allotments cover 285,221 AUMs.

Plan Decisions

Decisions made in the 1987 Lander RMP focused on the following categories:

  • Rangeland Management
  • Mineral Leasing, Oil & Gas
  • Recreational Uses
  • Wilderness Designation Recommendation
  • ACEC Designation
  • Habitat Management
  • Forest Management
  • Mineral Location
  • Cultural Values
  • Fire Management
  • Salable Minerals
  • Soil, Water & Air Management
  • Scenic Trails Management