Porcupine Creek, Wyoming. Wild horses in the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area, Wyoming. Little Mountain, Wyoming. Livestock grazing. Cottonwood Creek near Cody, Wyoming.
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Cody Field Office

Land Use Planning

The Cody Resource Management Plan (RMP) was completed in November 1990. Since 1990, two amendments have been completed. In 1995, the designation of the Brown/Howe Dinosaur ACEC was designated, and in 2000, the former Bureau of Reclamation withdrawn lands were brought under the RMP decisions. Two maintenance actions were completed, clarifying fire suppression terminology, incorporating the healthy rangeland standards and guidelines, changing the name of the office to field office and clarifying decisions related to existing roads and trails.


  • Covers BLM-administered lands and minerals in portions of Big Horn and Park Counties in northcentral Wyoming.
  • Covers 1,081,780 acres of public surface and 1,508,200 acres of federal mineral estate.
  • All public lands not specifically closed are open for leasing, exploration and development of oil and gas with standard stipulations. The McCullough Peaks Wilderness Study Area encompassing 24,570 acres is closed to leasing. In other areas, a No Surface Occupancy stipulation is being used to protect important wildlife habitat, cultural resources, airports and recreation sites.
  • For livestock grazing administration, 230 allotments cover 90,895 AUMs, for about 1,081,200 acres.

Plan Decisions

Decisions made in the 1990 Cody RMP focused on the following categories:

  • Rangeland Management
  • Mineral Leasing, Oil & Gas
  • Recreational Uses
  • Wilderness Designation Recommendation
  • ACEC Designation
  • Habitat Management
  • Forest Management
  • Mineral Location
  • Cultural Values
  • Fire Management
  • Salable Minerals
  • Soil, Water & Air Management
  • Paleontological Values
  • Off-Road Vehicle Designations
  • Geothermal Resources
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Lands & Realty
  • Visual Resource Management
  • Wild Horse Management