Transcript:  Opportunities

"I'd met people from the West with BLM and had visited some of the field offices, and I was thrilled with the work they were doing.  There was such a sense of accomplishment and commitment to their mission."  -Elena

"So, now I've seen a whole lot of the country that I never would have seen before, and I've met a lot of people and different personality types from what I grew up with. And so that's been really interesting, and the people have been really great."  -Andrew

"What I like most about my job is doing field work and being able to hike in the mountains and go to new places and beautiful places, and get paid for it."  -Amanda

"I never knew all this existed in just - you know - one organization. And it was just so overwhelming, but it was fun. And it's always fun."  -LeMitchel