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Transcript:  Diversity

"It’s a very, very comfortable environment. I find that there is certainly an emphasis on diversity, and it’s not just talk. I see things being done to, sort of, bring about more of a diversity within the Bureau. That is something that was a little bit of a concern with me when I first started, but it became less and less of a concern."  -Michael

“They are looking for people with different backgrounds and diversity. They do welcome you with open arms. They still give you the same opportunity. Honestly, you seem to be in the spotlight more because you are in a diverse setting. So, take advantage of the opportunity. Capture their attention.”   -Al'Tariq

“I feel that overall the diversity within the Bureau of Land Management is changing for the better. I am starting to see more and more diverse faces as I travel to different offices. My job really allows me that opportunity to travel all over and shoot video of different projects and work with different people. Even since I came into the organization, I am seeing so much more diversity and so much higher retention of these SCEP students that are being placed into permanent positions.   That’s just great to see. It’s great to see that program really succeed. “  -Alma

“Diversity is definitely encouraged from a top down point of view.”  -Wesley

"In some cases, it’s going to be challenging because you are going out went where, in some cases, the areas aren’t diverse.  But, taking advantage of the opportunity, working with the people, you may be able to make a difference, and you may be able to add something to BLM that was not there before."  -Tiya


Last updated: 11-08-2011