The Bureau of Land Management honors the men and women of the military who have served and sacrificed for our country.  The BLM believes that these men and women possess special leadership skills that would greatly benefit the agency across all of its programs.    

Below, read the stories of military veterans who have found successful careers here at the BLM.  To learn more about special hiring appointments and authorities for the federal employment of veterans, veterans with disabilities, and military families, visit

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"Life before Military Highlights

The first 10 years of my life, I lived in a 4 room house with no running water with 6 other siblings. 

During grades 1-5, I attended a two room school with no running water.  It was the First African American School established in the county (1921); had to utilize outside bathrooms.

I graduated from Lancaster High School in 1972, and joined the military after graduation on the delayed enlistment program. 

Military Career Highlights 

For my first assignment (400 MMS Bomb dump), the mission was to provide static storage for approximately 21, 00 short tons of war material and training ammunition that was stored in 69 structures. The bomb dump had 90 miles of paved road. 

While stationed in Florida as the Shelter /Disaster Preparedness Manager,  I survived 2 hurricanes (hurricane Elena & Kate); spent labor day week-end in shelter and a week-end in November a shelter. 

I was assigned to Germany 1987 and saw two Germany change to one.

While in Germany, I was deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm. 

Life after Military

In Feb 1998, I was hired on at the BLM under (VRA) Veteran Recruitment Appointment, as a Contact Representative. My background as Administrative Specialist in the military matched up with duties of a Contact Representative. I was later converted to a Human Resources Assistant because as an Administrative Specialist, personnel was part of my many duties.  

I’ve worked as personnel processor and a member of the Oregon/Washington State Recruitment team as well as duties as a Student Recruiter.  While working  as a member of the State Recruitment Team and as a Personnel Assistant, it gave me the opportunity to learn more about veteran preference and how it applies in federal hiring process. Highlights for me were going to job fairs and sharing the information with veterans and hopefully helping my fellow veterans understand the process, learn how to apply, and write good resumes and KSAs.  

My current job as Equal Opportunity Employment Specialist (Outreach) at the Bureau of Land Management, Oregon State Office, Office of Civil Rights, is just as exciting as my first 8 years. I am responsible for doing outreach and connecting mangers/supervisors with resources in developing relationships with veterans and underrepresented groups (people of color, women, and individuals with disabilities). 

Again, I had another opportunity to work with veterans and interact with people as a EEO Counselor and Outreach Specialist.  As a young airmen in the Air Force,  I was told I had a natural interpersonal skills after I was able to defuse a potential major racial incident in my dormitory over a week (when racial tension where very high in the 70s),  acting as a mediator between two individuals. I was given a commendation and kudos by the supervisor and Commander. 

Through my years in BLM, l have encouraged all veterans to not give up on working for the federal government as it can be as rewarding as your military career. I tell them to continue to apply and not be discouraged and eventually someone will take notice. 

That's my story."

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