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BLM Seeks Bids for New Off-Range Pastures to Care for Wild Horses

BLM Approves Third Privately Operated Ecosanctuary for Off-range Wild Horses

BLM and Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center Announce Wild Horse Training Partnership  

BLM Statement Regarding Decision of Utah Department of Corrections

BLM Investigates Wild Horse Deaths at Kansas Corral 

BLM Strengthens WH&B Policies to Ensure Humane Treatment of Animals, Greater Transparency    

BLM Issues New Policy Regarding Conditions on Wild Horse and Burro Sales       

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Second Call for Nominations for Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board (11/18/14)

BLM to Host Public Tour of Fallon Wild Horse and Burro Facility (9/30/14)

Nominations Open for Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board (8/29/14)

BLM Seeks Bids for New Long-Term Pastures and Short-Term Facilities to Care for Off-Range Wild Horses (07/31/14)

BLM Announces Three Selections for Naitonal Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board (04/11/14)

Worsening Drought Impacts Western Rangeland on Public Lands (7/13/14)

BLM Welcomes National Academy of Sciences Research Committee’s Report on Wild Horse and Burro Management Program (6/05/13)

BLM's First Wild Horse Ecosanctuary is Open and Offering Tours This Summer (06/03/13)

Statement on Outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) (05/26/11)

BLM Announces Three Selections for National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board (05/16/11)

BLM Invites the Public to Tour Wild Horse Long-Term Holding Pastures in Oklahoma (04/29/11)

Statement of BLM on GAO Wild Horse Management Report (11/10/08)

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Adoption Stories

Adopter riding her horseThe BLM has placed more than 230,000 wild horses and burros into private ownership since 1971.  Adopters, through their stories, talk about how caring for a wild horse or burro can be challenging and rewarding.  Read the stories »

Report Inhumane Treatment

If you observe or have factual information that a federally protected wild horse or wild burro has been treated inhumanely or sold to slaughter, please contact the BLM at or at 866-4MUSTANGS (866-468-7826) with your name, contact information, and specific information about what you saw or know. If possible, please include the freezemark. Federally protected horses and burros have a freezemark, which can be viewed here

About the Program

The BLM protects and manages wild horses and burros under the authority of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 to ensure that healthy herds thrive on healthy rangelands. Learn more about the program following this link, or click here to go to the feedback page.



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Caring for America's Wild Horses and Burros: Fundamental Reforms -- An Overview

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