Adopting a Wild Horse or Burro from an Off-Range Facility and the Internet

To adopt a wild horse or burro through the BLM's Internet Adoption program, visit the Internet Adoption website.

The BLM offers to the public several permanent wild horse and burro adoption centers to visit and from which a wild horse or burro may be adopted.  The typical process to adopt a wild horse or burro is outlined below. It is highly recommended to contact your preferred adoption center early in the process for additional requirements.

To adopt a wild horse or burro from an off-range corral:

  1. Adoption Requirements: Ensure you meet the requirements for adopting a wild horse or burro. Review the requirements on the adoption application and ensure you have adequate facilities for an adopted wild horse or burro.

  2. Additional Requirements: Contact your preferred adoption center for additional requirements and to set up an adoption appointment. Each adoption facility may have different adoption schedules and requirements; it is recommended that you contact your preferred adoption facility and visit the facility’s website for more information.
  1. Application: Complete an adoption application and mail/fax it to the BLM adoption facility from which you’d like to adopt or bring it with you to the adoption appointment.

  2. Appointment: Arrive at the adoption facility for your adoption appointment. 
  1. Pick-up: Arrange for payment and pick up of your newly adopted wild horse or burro directly from the facility. Generally, the adopter is responsible for all transportation costs from the facility for the animal. If you are unable to provide transportation from the adoption facility, consider adopting through the BLM’s Internet adoption program, which may have a drop-off location that is more conveniently located.

BLM Adoption Centers

Florence Wild Horse and Burro Training and Off-Range Corral

Litchfield, CA
Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Off-Range Corral

 Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse and Burro Corrals

Redlands, CA
Sundance Ranch

For information, call (760) 384-5765

ñon City Wild Horse Inmate Program
Boise Wild Horse Corrals
KANSASHutchinson, KS
Hutchinson Correctional Center
Elm Creek Holding Facility
For information, call (308) 856-4498
NEVADACarson City, NV
Northern Nevada Correctional Center
 Reno, NV
National Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Center at Palomino Valley
OKLAHOMAPauls Valley, OK
Pauls Valley Off-Range Corral
Oregon Wild Horse Corral
Delta Wild Horse & Burro Corral

Wheatland, WY
Mantle Adoption and Training Facility

 Rock Springs, WY
Rock Springs Wild Horse Off-Range Corral

Riverton, WY
Wyoming Honor Farm


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