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Advisory Board Minutes and Recommendations

At each meeting, the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board makes recommendations to the BLM for consideration. This table links to meeting minutes and recommendations made to the BLM by the Advisory Board.



April 22-23, 2015News Release
2011-2014 YouTube Videos of 2011-2014 meetings;
August 25, 2014Agenda; Meeting Materials in Book; Transcripts:  morning and afternoon;  Presentations: WY WHB Program; Research Update; USFS Update; Fundamentals of Range Management
April 14-15, 2014Meeting Minutes; Transcripts: 4-14-14, 4-15-14,  Presentations: CA WHB Program; WHB Program Update; WHB Research Update; Population Surveys; Shade Research and Equine Responses to Hot Weather; Thermal Profile Assessments; Mustang Heritage Foundation; HSUS Platero Project; NV Inmate Training Program 
September 9-11, 2013Meeting Minutes; Transcripts: 9/9/13, 9/10/13, 9/11/13; Presentations: NAS Chapter 2; NAS Chapter 3; NAS Chapter 4; NAS Chapter 5; NAS Chapter 6; NAS Chapter 7; NAS Chapter 8; Navajo Nation 
March 4-5, 2013Minutes and Recommendations; Presentations: Welcome from OFO; OFO WHB Program; Comprehensive Animal Welfare; Sage Grouse Habitat and WHB; Mustang Heritage Foundation; WHB Research Update; Yakama Nation Horses 
October 29-30, 2012Presentations, Minutes and Recommendations
April 23-24, 2012Minutes and Recommendations
October 13-14, 2011Proceedings, Minutes and Recommendations
March 10-11, 2011Proceedings, Minutes and Recommendations
June 15, 2010Minutes and Recommendations
December 7, 2009Minutes and Recommendations
September 28, 2009Minutes and Recommendations 
June 15, 2009Minutes and Recommendations 
March 2, 2009Minutes
November 17, 2008Minutes
June 30, 2008Minutes
February 25, 2008Minutes
November 5, 2007Minutes 
July 30, 2007Minutes 
February 26, 2007Minutes
December 11, 2006Minutes 
July 17, 2006Minutes 
April 10, 2006Minutes 
November 7, 2005Minutes
August 29, 2005Minutes 
May 23, 2005Minutes
March 14, 2005Minutes
November 11, 2004Minutes 
August 9-10, 2004Minutes
May 10-11, 2004Minutes
February 9-10, 2004Minutes
November 3-4, 2003Minutes | Recommendations
June 16-17, 2003Minutes | Recommendations
April 7-8, 2003Minutes | Recommendations
October 28-29, 2002Minutes | Recommendations
August 26-27, 2002Minutes | Recommendations


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