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Planning 2.0

Planning 2.0: Improving the Way We Plan Together

As part of our continuing commitment to improve our management of the nation’s public lands, the Bureau of Land Management is reviewing the way we develop and update our Resource Management Plans (RMPs).

This initiative, known as Planning 2.0, aims to increase public involvement and incorporate the most current data and technology into our land use planning.  We have released proposed revisions to our planning regulations, along with a preliminary economic analysis and categorical exclusion for public review and comment.  By implementing these improvements, the BLM endeavors to enhance the way that it involves the public in its planning efforts, including measures to provide earlier, easier, and more meaningful participation.      

In a related effort, the BLM is revising its land use planning handbook that provides detailed guidance on implementing the planning processes.  The agency anticipates releasing a draft of the handbook for review later in 2016.

Together, these regulatory and handbook revisions apply lessons learned from decades of implementing best practices in resource management planning and enable the agency to effectively address emerging large-scale issues such as proliferating wildfire, rapidly expanding renewable energy demand, and conserving important wildlife habitat.  The proposed changes support the BLM’s shift to science-based, landscape-scale approaches to resource management while increasing opportunities for early engagement by state and local government, Tribes, partner agencies, stakeholders, and the public.  The changes also give the BLM the opportunity to establish a stronger geospatial foundation to its decision-making, allowing it to gather and share more accurate data with the public.

The BLM will be scheduling a public meeting and a webinar to provide an overview of the proposed regulation changes.  Information about those events will be announced on this page as arrangements are finalized.

To learn more about Planning 2.0, please read our Fact Sheet.  A video featuring Secretary Jewell inviting public participation in the revision process is available at this link.

Summary of Initial Public Input

The BLM launched Planning 2.0 in May 2014 by seeking public input on how we can improve the land use planning process.  Over 6,000 groups and individuals submitted written comments.  This information has been summarized and is available at the link below:

In October of 2014, the BLM hosted two public listening sessions. For materials and summary notes from the Planning 2.0 listening sessions, please click on the following links:

You can also view video of the Planning 2.0 listening sessions:

Link to YouTube video of Denver Listening Session Part 1 October 1, 2014, Denver, Part 1

Link to YouTube video of Denver Listening Session Part 2 October 1, 2014, Denver, Part 2

Link to YouTube Video of the Sacramento Listening Session Part 1 October 7, 2014, Sacramento, Part 1

Link to You Tube Video of Sacramento Listening Session Part 2 October 7, 2014, Sacramento, Part 2

As we continue to develop the Planning 2.0 initiative, we anticipate additional opportunities for public involvement.  We anticipate proposing targeted changes to our planning regulations and these changes will be open for formal public review and comment in the summer of 2015.  We also will be revising our current planning handbook to incorporate new guidance and the concepts needed to effectively plan across landscapes.

Individuals can continue to provide feedback to us at