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REA Data Portal 

The REAs have a new and improved data portal!

The REA Data Portal is a one-stop source for the BLM’s Rapid Ecoregional Assessments (REAs).  You can download and view data, maps, models and reports for publicly released REAs (see the REA release schedule).


Page grab of REA Data Portal

Click on the image to go to the data portal

The data portal is easy to use!  You can conduct basic keyword searches, search by content type  (downloadable data, map services, models), or browse by a topic (wildlife, energy, forest).   However, there are thousands of data sets and hundreds of maps available for each REA so it helpful to know a few tricks.   The User’s Guide and the video tutorial (seen below) illustrate valueable search techniques that will help you find what you are looking for!  Here’s a tip to get you started:



You can search for data from multiple sites!
On the Search page, simply select the sites that you would like to search.
Currenlty, you can search for data produced by the BLM REAs, and
Example of Record

Soon you will also be able to search for data from the
US Geological Survey (Science Base) and the US Fish and Wildife Service!
Our goal is to connect you with data!

We also strongly suggest that you review the REA report(s) before using the data portal to learn about the key components of each REA such as the management questions, conservation elements, and change agents.  This will help you understand what is availble and allow you to narrow your search. You can download the REA reports from the data portal.



User’s Guide

Learn some useful tips and tricks for finding products on the REA Data Portal. 
REA Data Portal Useres guide

“How To” Video

Click to watch a short demonstration on how to use the REA Data Portal.

Video Frame Grab

ArcGIS Desktop

You can access ArcGIS Desktop and work directly with REA data, maps, and models by using EGIS Citrix!   More info  (BLM access only) 
Cotrox XenApp

REA SharePoint

Visit the REA Sharepoint site for more information on REAs such as training resources for BLM employees.
 (DOI access only)

Sharepoint Site Front page


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Access ArcGIS Desktop & REA Files via Citrix (BLM personnel only)
BLM personnel who do not have access to ESRI ArcGIS Desktop applications (i.e., ArcCatalog and ArcMap) can access them by logging into Citrix. Citrix also provides direct access to REA files stored at the NOC (an alternative to using the data portal).   Read the Citrix User’s Guide to learn about how to access ArcGIS Desktop and REA products through Citrix.

All BLM Personnel:

  • Log into Citrix to work directly with REA data, maps, and models whether you have a local installation of ArcGIS or not. Using Citrix will increase speed and performance.
  • Before logging into Citrix, use the data, map and model catalogs to learn about what REA products are available to you. The catalogs provide an easily searchable format that does not require you to understand the directory structure or file naming convention used to manage the thousands of REA files.
  • Files in the REA directory are read-only. You must save a local copy to edit it.
  • Log into Citrix using your Windows Active Directory username and password.

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To report problems either with the REA Data Portal or with REA data products, please Contact Us .