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Paleontological Resources Management

The Bureau of Land Managment manages, preserves, and protects paleontological resources on public land using scientific principles and expertise.

Click on the map below to learn more about the BLM's heritage resources programs in the states that we manage.

Oregon and Washington California Alaska Nevada Idaho Utah Arizona Montana and the Dakotas Wyoming and Nebraska Colorado New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas Eastern States US Map

Paleontological Resources

Paleontological resources are any fossilized remains, traces, or imprints of organisms, preserved in or on the earth's crust, that are of paleontological interest and that provide information about the history of life on earth.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regards paleontological or fossil resources as a fragile, nonrenewable scientific record. The history of life on earth is an important component of America's natural heritage. If these resources are damaged, destroyed or improperly collected, their scientific and educational value may be greatly reduced or lost forever.