WIS Contact Page
If you would like more information about:
·         BLM’s permitting policies, processes, and procedures
·         BLM’s direction for Electronic Permitting
·         BLM’s Electronic Commerce Trading Partner Agreement
·         How to become an approved oil and gas operator for Electronic Permitting
·         Resolving technical questions or problems accessing the WIS website
·         How to use WIS to enter a permit/report
·         How to set up your PC to use WIS
·         Password resetting or unlocking
Contact the AFMSS Program Manager
Paul Brown
U.S. Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management
P.O. Box 25047 (MS WO330D)
Denver, CO 80225-0047
Ph 303-236-8586
Ph 303-236-3516
Fx 303-236-6691