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Learning Landscapes

Play...Learn...Work...and Serve on America's Public Lands!

"Learning Landscapes" showcases exciting events, opportunities, and resources on America’s Public Lands. Visit the links below and discover what the BLM has to offer to educators, students, visitors, partners and volunteers.

2015 Update on Our Programs

TConnecting People to their Public Lands 2015he Division of Education, Interpretation, and Partnerships is pleased to announce the availability of Connecting People to Their Public Lands: An Update on BLM Education, Interpretation, Volunteer, and Youth Employment Activities 2015. This publication presents narrative overviews of selected BLM accomplishments in the areas of education, interpretation, volunteers, and youth involvement. It also includes Fiscal Year 2014 statistics on BLM programs that support the Secretary of the Interior's "four pillars" of youth/public engagement: PLAY, LEARN, SERVE, and WORK.

The update highlights outstanding education and engagement programs for students, lifetime learners, and the general public, demonstrating the BLM's commitment to bringing meaningful programs to larger and increasingly diverse audiences. Special 2-page spreads highlight the many programs and projects in each BLM State Office.  Profiles of youth employment projects emphasize the important role that young people are playing in the management of public land resources. To download a copy of the report, click on the cover image or select this link.


Explore, Investigate &  Discover Native Plants


“Native Plants” is the first subject area for a new series of BLM educational publications entitled "Explore, Investigate, Discover.”  These materials address topics related to the programs and mission of the BLM, and are targeted to learners ranging from young children to adults.  For each topic, the BLM will produce a suite of three publications for different audiences. Junior Explorer activity books offer information, paper-and-pencil activities, and puzzles for younger children.  Classroom Investigations present lessons and activities for secondary school teachers to incorporate into classroom instruction. Lastly, Discovery publications offer more in-depth information suitable for lifelong learners and public lands visitors.

Junior Explorer Booklet Digs Native Plants

Native Plants is the latest in our series of Junior Explorer activity guides.  The full -collor 32-page booklet includes lots of information and activities on how native plants have adapted to the soils and climate of our public lands.  Readers will also learn about the threats to native plants.

Native Plants joins an impressive collection of Junior Explorer booklets on a variety of topics. In 2014 BLM state and field offices produced 11 new Junior Explorer activity guides. These kid-friendly booklets were completed for BLM sites in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon. The BLM also produced the interagency Wilderness Explorerbooklet that was distributed to field offices in advance of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Wilderness Act. A total of 42 booklets are available in the Junior Explorer series, with more expected in 2015.  More>>







Artists in Residence

Artist in Residence PosterThe national BLM Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Program creates a structure to share the scenic beauty and unique stories of the BLM’s landscapes with the public through the world of art. The BLM Artist-in-Residence Program provides artistic and educational opportunities that promote deeper understanding and dialogue about the natural, cultural, and historic resources on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Learn how artists are creating artwork on the public lands, including several wilderness areas. More>>


Youth and the BLM

Youth participating in a BLM sponsored excursion 

Looking to the future, BLM’s youth initiatives feature a variety of programs that engage, educate, and inspire. More>>

Take It Outside!

Participant in a Take It Outside program

The BLM’s "Take It Outside!" program promotes and supports outdoor activities and experiences for children on the public lands. More>>