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SlideShare Guidance 

SlideShare ( is an online community for sharing professional presentations, documents, and more.  The BLM shares business and program documents with the public through Slideshare and directs users to the BLM's official website for more information. 

This online guidance outlines procedures for using SlideShare for official BLM business.
II.Appropriate Use of SlideShare
III.Technical Requirements

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I. Governance

The BLM's National Communications Directorate - through its New Media Team - provides national oversight of SlideShare for official external communication needs. 

At this time, the BLM operates one national SlideShare account at .  PDFs and Powerpoint presentations are posted to slideshare for the express purpose of embedding them on the BLM website.  All presentations/documents posted to SlideShare must also be available for download within the BLM's content management system or from a BLM web server.

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II. Appropriate Use of SlideShare

The BLM uses SlideShare to display PDFs and presentations on BLM webpages.  Only BLM-sourced documents residing on the BLM's Slideshare page may be embedded on BLM webpages.  For website users who choose to not use SlideShare, an alternate method of viewing/downloading must be provided (i.e., a link to the document stored in the BLM's content management system or on a BLM-managed web server).

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III. Technical Requirements

Embedding of SlideShare documents must comply with the following technical requirements:

[1] All content posted to the official BLM SlideShare account must also be available for download on the BLM's external website.

[2] All presentations/PDFs posted to SlideShare must be Section 508 compliant.  

[3] Only BLM Communique (CQ) superusers/approvers may request documents be posted to SlideShare.  PDFs/presentations must be sent to the BLM’s New Media Lead, Kaveh Sadeghzadeh, at, for posting to Slideshare, until such time as additional accounts may be authorized.

[4] PDFs/presentations must be embedded into CQ pages using the External Application Component (EAC).  BLM CQ superusers/approvers needing assistance in using the EAC for SlideShare should contact the CQ Change Management Board (CCMB).

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