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Blue Line Guidance ( is the default Uniform Resource Locator or URL shortener for .gov URLs. The following online guidance defines the governance structure for and appropriate use of

II.Appropriate Use of
III.Technical Requirements

Blue Line


I. Governance

As the official messaging arm of the BLM, the National Communications Directorate - through its New Media Team - provides national guidance for the use of for external communication needs.

The BLM's New Media Team and State/Center External Affairs (EA) Offices will create shortened URLs for state and center offices and programs. Offices and programs should contact their local BLM communications staff for assistance.

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Blue Line


II. Appropriate Use of

The BLM will shorten its external web addresses and links to new media assets using  The BLM will use the shortened URLs for three purposes:

  • To include in "tweets" on official BLM Twitter accounts;
  • To use as shortened links on BLM external and internal web pages and official BLM new media accounts; and
  • To track the number of hits on an individual link.

The BLM will NOT use to shorten URLs for QR Codes or to create QR Codes.  The BLM should use the internal QR Code generator only.  For more information, read the online QR Code guidance.

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Blue Line


III. Technical Requirements

The following technical requirements apply to the use of

[1] BLM State/Center EA Offices can establish their own accounts, which allows for customization of shortened links. 

[2] After establishing the short URL, BLM users may track analytics of the shortened URL by logging into their account and clicking "Info Page" next to the shortened URL.

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