January 11, 2008
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1265 (550) P
Instruction Memorandum No. 2008-052
Expires: 9/30/2009
To:                   Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning
                         Director, National Interagency Fire Center
                         Attn: Information Technology Project/Investment Managers
From:              Assistant Director, Information Resources Management
Subject:           Fiscal Year 2008 Annual Operational Analysis (OA) Requirements for all Major Information Technology (IT) Investments
Program Area:  Information Technology Investment Management
Purpose:  This Instruction Memorandum establishes a due date for the Annual Operational Analysis (OA) conducted for Fiscal Year 2008. 
Policy/Action:  System Owners of national-level major Information Technology (IT) investments in the Evaluate Phase are responsible for ensuring an Operational Analysis (OA) is performed annually to assess and document the investment’s continued alignment with strategic goals and objectives; effectiveness in supporting business needs and end users; cost and trends of continued operations and maintenance; technology opportunities and risks; and to consider potential consolidation, retirement or replacement of the investment.  All costs associated with conducting an OA should be planned and included in the annual operations and maintenance costs of each IT investment.
Results of this analysis should be captured in Operational Review Template (Attachment 1), and posted in eCPIC by January 25, 2008, with a notification to Melissa McNichols, Melissa_McNichols@blm.gov, when complete.
Timeframe: OA’s are required annually for major IT investments and bi-annually for non-major investments. All non-major investments in the Evaluate Phase completed OA’s in FY 2007 and are not required to complete an OA in FY2008.
Budget Impact:  None.
Background:  The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requires that all major Steady State (Evaluate Phase) projects/systems be reviewed annually to document their continued effectiveness in supporting mission requirements and minimize the cost of asset ownership. OA results are reported to OMB each year in the Exhibit 300 Project (Investment) and Funding Plan section. Performing OAs is a key practice within the General Accounting Office’s (GAO’s) IT Investment Management Stage 3 maturity model.
Manual/Handbooks Affected:  None.
Coordination:  The development of this policy has been coordinated within WO-550.
Contact:  If you have any questions, please contact Theresa Coleman, Chief, Division of Investment Management, at (202) 452-5039, or Melissa McNichols, Program Analyst, at (303) 236-1782.
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Scott E. MacPherson                                       
Robert M. Williams
Acting, Assistant Director                                
Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Information Resources Management
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