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The following links have been identified by BLM Librarians as potentially useful to individuals working on or interested in the BLM's Greater sage-grouse conservation initiative. For additional resources, visit the BLM Library's Greater sage-grouse subject guide main page.

We continue to add resources to our subject guides; please send us suggestions for additional links to include here.

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Male Greater sage-grouse on the Burns District, BLM-Oregon

BLM sage-grouse and sagebrush conservation

Outlines the Bureau's initiative for Greater sage-grouse and sagebrush habitat conservation. Includes pages focusing on conservation, documents and resources, news and information, and frequently asked questions. Also includes links to BLM sage-grouse conservation programs by state.


The Birds of North America Online: Greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus)

This subscription resource is available to BLM users only. Species profile for Greater sage-grouse, including species description, natural history, behavior, and management. The Birds of North America Online is a database from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the American Ornithologists' Union.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Greater Sage-grouse Studies

Research on Greater sage-grouse from the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, part of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Recovery and Conservation Plans

Numerous resources available from the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, part of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. Find links at the "Greater sage-grouse" heading, partway down the page in the "Birds" table.


Idaho Fish and Game: Sage-grouse Conservation and Management

Strategy, plans, maps, and more information supporting the state of Idaho's Greater sage-grouse conservation and management.


Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks: Sage Grouse Management

Includes links to the state of Montana's final management plan and revised environmental assessment pertaining to sage-grouse management and conservation.


Nevada Department of Wildlife: Sage Grouse Conservation

Information from the state of Nevada, including a Greater sage-grouse habitat categorization map, conservation projects, and planning efforts.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: Greater Sage-grouse

Provides links to documents and maps supporting the Oregon Greater sage-grouse conservation assessment and strategy, as well as local implementation team minutes and information on sage-grouse in Oregon.


Sage-grouse Genetic Structure: Research of Dr. Krissy Bird

Includes downloads of research performed by the website author, focusing on genetics and population structure.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) Species Profile

Profiles the Greater sage-grouse, including population details, information about the species' listing status (for protection under the Endangered Species Act), and conservation plans.


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources: Sage-grouse Conservation and Management

Provides links to the state of Utah's conservation and management plans, local working groups, GIS data, and management guidelines.


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Greater Sage-grouse Ecology

Includes publications and project information for Washington State Greater sage-grouse conservation efforts.


Wyoming Game and Fish Department: Sagebrush/Sage Grouse Management

Provides links to plans, maps, updates, and other information pertaining to the state of Wyoming's Greater sage-grouse conservation efforts.

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