About the BLM Library

The BLM Library, located at the National Operations Center, is the only full-service library in the BLM with professional staff. We provide worldwide access to the best available scientific, historical, and legal information regarding public lands and natural resources management to support researchers, BLM decisionmakers, and others seeking knowledge.

The BLM Library’s collection includes books and peer-reviewed journals in print and electronic format, technical publications, directives, historical documents, and more. In addition, users have access to millions more items through interlibrary loan. While most of the collection focuses on biological and earth sciences, the library also provides materials pertaining to policy and management.

Access to subscription resources, such as electronic journals and databases, is limited to BLM employees and contractors. If you are on the BLM network and you are having difficulty accessing a link from our site, please contact the Digital Services Librarian.

American Basin on the Alpine Loop National Back Country Byway, BLM-Colorado

Our site is organized into three main areas:

Publications: documents produced or issued by the BLM, DOI, and select other federal agencies

Research: information resources including journals, databases, books, and subject guides

Library Information: services, staff directory, and FAQ

In the Spotlight

More information about Advancing Science in the BLM: An Implementation Strategy, including the full document, is available in the BLM Publications section of BLM Library's website.

BLM Technical Reference 1735-1, AIM National Aquatic Monitoring Framework: Introducing the Framework and Indicators for Lotic Systems, is available on the Technical References page in the BLM Publications section of BLM Library's website.

BLM Technical Reference 6710-1, Sage-Grouse Habitat Assessment Framework: A Multiscale Assessment Tool, and supporting forms and documents are available from the Technical References page in the BLM Publications section of BLM Library's website.

Please contact us for assistance with library materials and services:


(303) 236-6650 phone

(303) 236-4810 fax

Denver Federal Center, Building 50
P.O. Box 25047
Denver, CO 80225

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