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Rasmussen Valley Mine EIS
Husky 1 - North Dry Ridge Mine
Smoky Canyon Panel G EIS
Shoshone Basin EIS
TFD | Intergrated Vegetation Treatment
Media Center
BLM| Idaho: Newsroom
Additional public meetings will continue discussion of power line siting
Planning Your Outdoor Adventure on Public Land
BLM to Open Chinese Peak-Blackrock Trail System
Public Invited to Take a Hike!
Hazard Trees Prompt Emergency Temporary Closure of BLM’s Mica Bay Boater Park
BLM Seeks Artists-in-Residence for Bruneau-Jarbidge and Owyhee Wilderness
Media Invited to Attend Rangeland Fire Protection Association Training Exercise
Trainers Needed for Extreme Mustang Makeover to be Held at Ford Idaho Horse Park
Jump Creek Recreation Site to Temporarily Close for Road Reconstruction
BLM Challis Field Office to Close East Fork Campground Due to Bridge Improvement Projects
BLM Seeks Public Input on Proposal to Upgrade Existing Transmission Line
BLM Welcomes New Managers with Open House
Spring Burning Season Gets Underway on BLM Lands
BLM to Conduct Fence Line Prescribed Fires
Awards Presented to BLM Employees for Outstanding Achievements in Wildlife Conservation
Subcommittee advising BLM on proposed Gateway West powerline revises agenda for next public meeting
BLM RAC to Meet on March 27 in Coeur d’Alene
Agencies Seek Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Thompson Creek Mine Expansion and Public Land Disposal
Vandalized Road Grader south of Homedale
BLM Biologist Awarded Career Achievement Award
BLM to Hold Open Houses on Travel Management Planning
BLM Seeks Nominations to Idaho Falls District Resource Advisory Council
BLM Boise District Seeks Nominations to Resource Advisory Council
BLM Coeur d’Alene District Seeks Interest for Advisory Council
BLM Twin Falls District Seeks Interest for Advisory Council
BLM in Idaho Seeks Nominations to Resource Advisory Councils
University of Idaho 4-H Groups and BLM Partner to Showcase Wild Horse Weanlings
Public lands north of Mountain Home closed to allow fire rehab, protect wintering wildlife
Recruitment for 2014 Fire Season Underway
Adopt a Wild Horse this Weekend!
2014 South Hills Seasonal Road Closure About to Begin
Twin Falls District Resource Advisory Council to Meet
Resource Advisory Council Meeting Scheduled
BLM Hosting Open Houses for Public Comment on Paradigm Fuel Break Project Environmental Assessment
Public meetings added to continue discussion of power line siting
BLM Challis Field Office Implements Temporary Closure of Challis Bridge Recreation Site
BLM Seeks Public Input on Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Grant Applications
Twin Falls District Resource Advisory Council Subcommittee on Sage-Grouse to Meet
Idaho Falls District 2014 BLM Seasonal Firefighting Positions Now Open
Rehabilitation Work Ongoing
BLM Announces Appointments to Council to Help Advise Agency on Balanced Management of Nation’s Public Lands
Boise District BLM to begin Winter Prescribed Burning
“Eagle Watch Week” Kicks Off December 26
BLM Salmon Field Office Announces Seasonal Closures
BLM Invites Public to Sage-Grouse Meetings
Emergency Closure of Morgan Bar Campground
Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Council to meet on November 19, 2013
Veterans and Active Military Invited to Participate in Eagle Watch Cruises
BLM Pocatello Field Office Announces Seasonal Closures
BLM Presents Eighteenth Annual "Excellence in Interpretation or Environmental Education" Awards at 2013 National Association for Interpretation National Workshop
Slash Piles to be Burned on Bell Mountain
Christmas Tree Permits Available
Twin Falls District Resource Advisory Council Subcommittee on Sage-Grouse to Meet
Stinking Springs Area Closure Starts December 1st
BLM Reminds Public of Seasonal Closures in the Wood River Valley: South Hills Closure to be implemented in January
Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Council Establishes Gateway West Project Subcommittee; Sets Meeting Dates
BLM Prepares Recreation Sites for Winter Season
BLM to Conduct Prescribed Burns on Aspen Restoration Project
Final environmental impact analysis issued for renewal of 25 grazing permits in BLM Owyhee Field Office Proposed decisions on permit renewals to follow
Public Comment Sought for Mountain Bike Trail Proposal on Bald Mountain Ski Area
BLM Releases Draft Idaho and Southwestern Montana Sub-Regional Greater Sage-Grouse Land Use Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement
BLM to Hold Public Lands Day Event September 14 in Coeur d’Alene
BLM Shoshone Field Office to close Beaver Creek Road
Impacts of State Fire Forces Motorized Closure of Gardner Canyon to North Canyon Road in Samaria Mountain Range
Cold Springs, Buckhorn and Little Birch Creek Roads Damaged during recent Downpours
BLM Announces Winner of 2013 Rangeland Stewardship Award
Bell Mountain Stewardship Project Continues
Wildfire Coordination Centers Consolidating
Fire Restrictions to Be Lifted in Southwest & South Central Idaho on Wednesday
BLM Boise District Announces Proposed Plan Amendments
Celebrate National Public Lands Day with BLM
Volunteers Needed! Help Celebrate 20 Years of National Public Lands Day
Twin Falls District Resource Advisory Council to Meet
BLM to Host Public Meetings to Discuss Revenue Gulch Area
BLM Sets Hearing on Use of Motorized Vehicles for Wild Horse Management
Beaver Creek Fire Closure Area Expanded to Include BLM Lands
Closure Area Expanded to Include All Public Lands North of Highway 20
Resource Advisory Council Meeting Scheduled
Fire Restrictions Expanded to Include All Public Land South of Interstate 84
BLM Investigates Damage to Cultural Site: Seeks Public Assistance
Fire Impacts BLM Recreation Sites along Salmon River
Portions of the Beaver Creek Fire Emergency closure of BLM-managed public lands has been lifted
Additional Portions of the Emergency Closure of BLM managed lands within the Beaver Creek Fire Lifted Today
BLM Seeks Public Involvement to Address Potential Closure of Skinny Dipper Hot Springs
Fireworks Safety this Independence Day
Update on Multiple Fire Starts on Twin Falls District BLM
Wednesday Morning Update: Twin Falls District BLM Wildland Fires
You can Help Prevent Wildfires on Your Public Lands
Travel designations will protect rare plant on public lands in Payette County
Media Invited to attend Field Day with Utah State University
Public Invited to Visit Archeological Field School
Lightning Sparks Several Fires for Boise BLM
Wednesday Noon Update for Fires Active in the Twin Falls District BLM
BLM Seeks Public Input on Craters of the Moon National Monument Resource Management Plan Amendment
Update: Brown Butte Fire Northeast of Shoshone, Idaho
Fire Restrictions to be implemented in Southwest and Central Idaho August 1
Lightning Ignites Fire in Western Reaches of Twin Falls District
Water Systems Unavailable at Several Popular BLM Recreation Sites
Comment period for Gateway West Transmission Line Project Continues
Challis Wild Horses Available for Adoption at Intermountain Equifest
Logging Truck Activity to Increase Northwest of Fairfield
Moon Fire Burns 400 Acres near Glenn’s Ferry
Twin Falls District Resource Advisory Council to Tour Milner Historic Recreation Area and more
Season Passes Available Now for Blackwell Island Launch
Comment Sought on Draft EIS for Grazing Permit Renewals in Owyhee Field Office
BLM Urges Using Caution at Current Lorenzo Boat Access
The BLM in Idaho Asks the Public to Stop Wildfires Before They Start
Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line Map and Routes Available Online
Spring Clean Up Planned for North Rim of Canyon
BLM Invites Public to Open House on Grazing Permit Renewal Draft Environmental Impact Statement
BLM’s Blackwell Island Boat Launch Opens May 24
Fee Season Begins Along the South Fork of the Snake River