Current Members




Category One: Grazing, energy and mineral development, timber industry, transportation or rights-of-way, OHV use, and commercial recreation

Chad Baker
 Term expires 5/17

Corporate Counsel/Rio Tinto-Kennecott UT CopperEnergy/Minerals

Carl Albrecht
 Term expires 1/15

CEO/General ManagerEnergy/Minerals

Franklin White
 Term expires 1/15

CEO/Owner ATK MotorcyclesOHV Use
Brian Merrill
 Term expires 9/15
CEO/Western River ExpeditionsComm. Recreatioin
Callee Butcher
 Term expires 5/17
Manager-Land and Env./Kern River GasEnergy and Minerals
Category Two: Environmental organizations, archaeological/historical interests, dispersed recreation, and wild horse and burro groups
Steven Slater
 Term expires 9/15
Conservation Director, HawkWatch Intl.Environmental
Porter Teegarden
 Term expires 9/15
Mountain Guide/Multimedia Producer/Filmmaker/PhotographerDispersed Recreation
Jim Allison
 Term expires 5/17
Assoc. Professor, Dept of Anthropology/BYUArch/History
Rick Ellis
 Term expires 1/16
Fort Ranch Resource ManagerWild Horse/Burro
Steven Burr
 Term expires 1/15
Assoc. Professor, USUDispersed Recreation
Category Three: Elected Officials, Native American Tribes, State agency for natural resources, academicians in natural sciences, and public-at-large

John Harja
 Term expires 4/15

Public Lands Policy AnalystState Agency

William "Bill" Hopkin
 Term expires 9/15

Director, UT Grazing Improvement ProgramState Agency
James Nelson
 Term expires 1/15
Emery County CommissionerElected Officials
Vacant   1/15 Elected Officials
Cimarron Chacon
 Term expires 5/17
Owner/Race Director/GRO PromotionsPublic-at-Large