Utah WH&B Adoption Schedule - 2014

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Delta Wild Horse & Burro Facility

Central Utah Correctional Facility

Utah WH&B Facility Adoptions - 2014 

Delta WH&B Facility (9am-4pm) 
Contact Heath Weber at:
435.864.4068 or hweber@blm.gov

Salt Lake Wild Horse & Burro Facility
Contact Tami Howell at:
801.977.4359 or thowell@blm.gov

Gunnison Prison (10am-2pm)
Contact Dona Bastian at:
435-287-7591 or dbastian@blm.gov

 May 16-17 

May 6

  June 20-22

June 3

July 18-19 July 1
  August 5
September 19-20 September 2

Utah WH&B Events - 2014

Additional adoptions may be added to this schedule at any time, or may be subject to change due to the availability of wild horses & burros and other factors. Please call your local BLM office for adoption details or contact Gus Warr - Utah State WH&B Lead at: gwarr@blm.gov or (801) 539-4057.