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 YouTube Video: Connecting with Utah Communities Promo

Connecting with Utah Communities: 5-Year Outdoor Recreation StrategyBLM-Utah Recreation Strategy: Connecting with Utah Communities

In December 2015, BLM-Utah released a five-year step-down strategy for its Recreation and Visitor Services Program titled Connecting with Utah Communities. This strategy outlines BLM-Utah's current ideas for implementing the national strategy in Utah. The vision of the strategy is to build upon and expand BLM-Utah's collaboration with local, regional, and national organizations to provide outstanding and sustainable recreation opportunities on Utah's public lands that produce lasting benefits for the places Utahn's live, work, and play. These efforts will enable BLM-Utah to improve the quality of recreation opportunities on public lands and further contribute to the socioeconomic health and well-being of the local communities that we serve. 

National Recreation Strategy: Connecting with Communities

National Recreation Strategy: Connecting With Communities

In May 2014, the BLM released a national five-year strategy for its Recreation and Visitor Services Program titled Connecting with Communities. This strategy provides a framework for BLM offices at all levels to develop action plans that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the BLM's Recreation and Visitor Services program by more fully integrating with local communities, including locally-based government agencies, private sector industry and businesses.


BLM-Utah issues new internal policy to increase transparency of its recreation fee program:
Utah Recreation Fee Program Toolbox    IM No. UT 2013-037 


BLM Moab Field Office’s Colorado River Pilot Program Aims to Increase Access to Veterans, Adaptive Sports Organizations, and Educational Institutions.
Accessible Recreation Program
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Hastings Cutoff Documentary
Retracing the Fateful Steps of the Donner-Reed Party

Video: Retracing the Fateful Steps of the Donner-Reed Party

Travel back in time and experience the adventure as three interns retrace the fateful steps of the Donner-Reed Party, traveling the ninety-mile waterless stretch of the California Trail known as Hastings Cutoff.

This alternate route, sold as a 'shortcut' across the Great Salt Desert (Utah) by Lansford W. Hastings in 1846, proved devastating for the Donner-Reed Party and many who attempted the perilous journey.

Losing half of their cattle and several wagons to the Utah desert, the party arrived late and unprepared when they reached the Sierra Nevadas. After 1850, the dangerous Hastings Cutoff was abandoned in favor of newer and safer routes to California.

Now designated as a National Historic Trail, Hastings Cutoff is considered by many as the most arduous stretch of Western migration trail in the United States.


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