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Wilderness Characteristics
Consideration of wilderness characteristics such as solitude, primitive recreation, or naturalness is a part of the land use planning process and considered along with all other resource values and uses. The following shows how wilderness characteristics are being addressed in the land use planning process.

Wilderness Study Areas
Ninety-five areas in Utah were established as wilderness study areas (WSAs) during the 1980s. Under the Interim Management Policy for Lands Under Wilderness Review (IMP), BLM manages these lands to preserve their wilderness character until Congress determines whether or not they should be designated as wilderness. The IMP does not establish visual resource or off-highway vehicle management objectives for the WSAs. This will be determined in the land use plan. The plan will also determine how the WSAs would be managed if released from wilderness consideration by Congress.

Non-WSA lands with or likely to have wilderness characteristics
BLM has inventoried other lands for wilderness character, and the public has suggested still other areas may have such values. While BLM will not consider designating additional WSAs in the planning process, the agency will consider new information on resource values and uses, including wilderness characteristics.

Values associated with solitude, primitive recreation, and naturalness are considered with all other resources. Plan alternatives may include allocations and actions that protect these values.