Annual Meeting
March 20-22, 2012
Page, Arizona

Below are links to presentations from the 2012 Annual Meeting for the Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program, held March 20-22 in Page, AZ . 

Wayne Padgett, CPNPP Coordinator, BLM - Utah State Office
Opening Remarks – Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program
Peggy Olwell, National Plant Conservation Lead, BLM - Washington Office
National Perspective – Native Plant Materials Development Program: Twelve Years and Growing
Paul Krabacher, BLM National Seed Coordinator
National Seed Procurement and Storage Strategy

CPNPP Integrated Research Program
Troy Wood, CPNPP Science Program Leader/Research Geneticist, USGS Colorado Plateau Research Station
Evaluating Genetic Diversity in Achnatherum hymenoides and Sphaeralcea parvifolia in the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks
Christopher McGlone, Ecologist, UDSA ARS Pollinating Insect Lab, Logan, UT
Impact of Cattle Grazing Duration and Periodicity on Forage Resources for Native Bees
Jack Staub and Blair Waldron USDA, ARS, Forage and Range Research Laboratory, Logan, Utah
Plant Evaluation in the Beaver Dam Wash and Red Cliff Reserve of Utah 
Rosemary Pendleton, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Evaluation of Semi-Arid Grassland Plant Species for Restoration Use
Brett Wolk, Research Associate, Colorado State University
Native Early Seral Plants
in Restoration at Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Jayne Jonas, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Colorado State University
Use of Early Seral Species to Improve Restoration Outcomes
Troy Wood, CPNPP Science Program Leader/Research Geneticist, USGS Colorado Plateau Research Station
Population and Quantitative Genetic and Cytologic Analysis of Bouteloua gracilis – Project Update
Andrea Kramer, Conservation Scientist, Ecological Genetics and Executive Director, Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S., Chicago Botanic Garden
Learning from Native ‘Winners’ in Degraded Sites in the Colorado Plateau

Partner Efforts
Cristina Eisenberg, High Lonesome Ranch Science Program Lead
High Lonesome Ranch – Science and Stewardship
Jim Garner, Colorado Parks and Wildlife/Uncompahgre Partnership
Uncompahgre Partnership - Native Plant Program Activity Update

BLM Ecoregion Efforts
Patty West & Rachel Ostlund Northern Arizona University, Landsward Institute
Seeds of Success Annual Report for the SOS-CP1 Collection Team
Mindy Wheeler, Native Plant Restoration Ecologist andCPNPPVolunteer
Native Seed Training – Developing the Beast

Native Plant Development & Production
Robbie and Walter Henes, Southwest Seed
Southwest Seed - Update from a Private Grower
Chris Bullock, High Mountain Nursery andIntermountain Native Plant Growers Association
Industry Update – New Partners in the CPNPP