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December 2008 Oil & Gas Lease Sale

Lease Sale Information for December 19, 2008

   Non-Competitive Results
   Bidders List
   Sale Results
   Competitive Statistics 1
   Competitive Statistics 2

Protest Information Notice  
    Red Rock Forests
    National Trust for Historic Preservation
    Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
    Trout Unlimited
    Utah Rivers Council

   Decision to Lease

   Errata dated December 15, 2008   
   Errata dated December 12, 2008
   Errata dated December 2, 2008
   Update Sale List as of December 15.

    Proposal to Lease
    December 2008 Sale Notice
    December 2008 Sale List
    December 2008 Stipulation & Notices


   Fillmore EA for Public Comment (Comment period ends Dec 4)
      SHPO Consultation
      Native American Consultation

   Moab Field Office (Updated 11/25/2008)
   Price Field Office  (Updated 11/25/2008)
   Richfield Field Office
   Vernal Field Office (Updated 11/25/2008)

Protest Resolution

BLM received approximately 1,400 letters of protest to the inclusion of certain parcels within the Notice of Competitive Lease Sale. Collectively, the protestors challenged the inclusion of 246 parcels in the sale.

By errata issued on December 2, 12, and 15, 2008, 115 parcels were deferred for additional review or deleted. By errata issued on December 2, 2008, portions of 3 parcels were deferred for additional review. By memorandum issued by the Secretary of the Interior on February 6, 2009, 77 parcels were withdrawn. On September 21, 2011, refunds were issued and their corresponding bids were rejected on 2 parcels. After the lease sale, bids were not received on 7 parcels. A parcel is available over the counter for a two year period only. After this period the opportunity to lease has passed on an unsold parcel. Lastly, individuals or organizations identified four parcels which were not under consideration by the BLM.

BLM received several letters of protest or portions thereof, were each document is unreadable, is missing pages or is missing names and/or address. Some letters cannot be matched to any other record received. The protests associated with these documents are dismissed as incomplete.

Protests that were received after the closing date are dismissed as untimely. Protests challenging the leasing of parcels that were deferred, deleted, refunded, withdrawn or unsold are dismissed as moot.

Several protest letters were received that challenged oil and gas leasing broadly but did not identify specific parcels. General landmarks, popular names or issues such as lands with wilderness characteristics were only mentioned. BLM cannot verify with certainty where to apply complaints or which parcel the protestor may have intended to address. Collectively, these protests are dismissed as improperly filed.

In several letters of protest, individuals or organizations challenged the leasing of specific parcels that were not deferred, refunded, and withdrawn. In considering the merits of the respective protests; however, specific facts or information to show how its allegations apply to these remaining parcels were not provided. It is well established that the BLM properly dismisses a protest where the protestant makes only conclusory or vague allegations or the protestant’s allegations are unsupported by facts in the record or competent evidence. BLM cannot attempt to discern which alleged errors the protestant intended to invoke for a particular parcel. Any allegations of error based on fact must be supported by competent evidence. Further, the protestor must consider whether any lease stipulations or notices that apply to a particular parcel may be relevant to its allegations, and explain how such stipulations or notices do not obviate the allegations. Collectively, these protests are denied.

Revised December 12, 2008

Dataset:Oil & Gas Sale Parcels - December 2008

UTM Zone 12 Datum NAD83

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December 2008 Oil and Gas Final Proposed Parcels

December 2008 Oil and Gas Final Proposed Parcels

Initial Proposed Parcels

Initial Proposed Parcels



Arches National Park Area
 Arched National Park Area

Canyonlands National Park Area 
Canyonlands National Park Area

Capitol Reef National Park 
Capitol Reef National Park

Dinosaur National Monument Area
Dinosaur National Monument Area

Nine Mile Canyon Area
Nine Mile Canyon Area Map