August 2010 Oil & Gas Lease Sale

Oil & Gas Lease Sale Information for August 17, 2010

Results of Sale
     Non-Competitive Sale Results
     Sale Results
     Bidders List
     Comstat One
     Comstat Two

Protest Information
   Protest Decision 
   Information Notice
   SUWA Protest
       List of Exhibits
       Exhibit A
       Exhibit B
       Exhibit C-1
       Exhibit C-2
       Exhibit C-3
       Exhibit D-1
       Exhibit D-2
       Exhibit D-3
       Exhibit E-1
       Exhibit E-2
       Exhibit E-3
       Exhibit F-1
       Exhibit F-2
       Exhibit F-3
       Exhibit G-1
       Exhibit G-2
       Exhibit G-3
       Exhibit H
       Exhibit I
       Exhibit J
       Exhibit K
       Exhibit L
       Exhibit M

Decision to Lease
Errata August 10, 2010
Errata July 30 2010
Proposal to Lease
   August 2010 Sale Notice
   August 2010 Sale Parcel List
   August 2010 Stipulations & Notices

NEPA Compliance
    Vernal Field Office

Maps of Proposed August 2010 Parcels
   Vernal Field Office

Dataset:Oil & Gas Sale Parcels - August 2010

UTM Zone 12 Datum NAD83

Download: Shapefiles