Oil and Gas

BLM Utah plays an important role in meeting the energy needs of our nation. The Rocky Mountain Region holds the largest on-shore domestic oil and gas reserves in the country. Utah’s natural gas fuels not only the homes and businesses in Utah; it also is used by surrounding states. BLM Utah also produces a significant amount of crude oil, primarily in the Uintah Basin.

Public lands are offered for oil and gas leasing after they are nominated by the industry and BLM evaluates other environmental factors. Leasing decisions are based upon land use plans that consider the many resources and uses of public lands and their impacts on one another. Once lands are leased, applications to conduct exploration, drilling, and production- related activities are reviewed to ensure technical competence, environmental protection, and mineral resources conservation. BLM is then responsible for approving and inspecting drilling and producing operations.

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   Where are Utah's oil and gas resources located?

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Vernal Energy Pilot Program increases efficiency of drilling permit approvals

Approved Notice to Lessees (NTL)  regarding the standards for the use of Electronic Flow Computers (EFCs) used on differential-type flow meters for gas measurement. EFCs that meet these standards and requirements are approved for use on all Federal and Indian oil and gas leases located within the state.