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Alton Coal Tract - Lease By Application

Alton Coal Tract Lease by Application DRAFT Environmental Impact Statement 

The Draft EIS analyzes and discloses to the public the direct, indirect, and cumulative socio-economic (including employment) and environmental impacts of issuing a Federal coal lease tract to maintain operations at the Alton Coal mine or another mine, should another company receive the lease through the competitive bidding process.  The Draft EIS includes mining of the proposed tract and transportation of coal by truck to coal markets, including by way of a railhead near Cedar City, Utah. The Draft EIS analyzes leasing the Alton Coal Tract as the Proposed Action (Alternative B). Under the Proposed Action, a competitive sale would be held and a lease issued for Federal coal in the tract. As part of the coal leasing process, the BLM is evaluating an additional alternative (Alternative C) that would remove 394 acres and 6.8 million tons of Federal coal in the tract to minimize impacts in close proximity to the Town of Alton and to preserve seasonal Greater sage-grouse habitat. Under this alternative, a competitive sale would be held and a lease issued for Federal coal lands included in a tract modified by the BLM. 


Alton Coal DRAFT EIS


Notice of Intent

Notice of Availability

The Draft EIS also analyzes the alternative of rejecting the application to lease Federal coal as the No Action Alternative (Alternative A). The Proposed Action and alternatives being considered in the Draft EIS are in conformance with the Kanab Field Office Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan (2008).

The Office of Surface Mining (OSM) and the State of Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (UDOGM) are cooperating agencies in the preparation of the Draft EIS. If the Alton Coal Tract is leased, OSM is the Federal Agency that would be responsible for recommending approval, approval with conditions, or disapproval of the Mining Plan to the Secretary of the Interior. UDOGM is delegated the environmental and reclamation responsibilities under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977. A separate UDOGM permit would be required if the leasing process is completed.