Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Prospector Trail 

Recommended Trail Users: Mountain Bikers, Hikers, Horses
Length: 6.85 miles
Difficulty: Easy/More Difficult (IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System)
Sub Area: Red Cliffs

Zone: Lowland
Managing Agency:  BLM/SITLA
Access:  The Prospector Trail is located in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and runs parallel to I-15. Start this trail from the Grapevine, Cottonwood, or White Reef Trailheads North of I-15.
Description: Popular with horseback riders, hikers and mountain bikers, the Prospector Trail combines single-track and dirt road sections, and is a ride beginner and intermediate bikers can both enjoy. Just keep a look out for the big four legged types that have the right of way!
From the Grapevine Trailhead at the western terminus, start with a good warm up on the Grapevine Trail. Note that the Grapevine Trail is used by government vehicles to service the wells in the area. Follow the road uphill to the junction with the single track Prospector Trail on the right. From here to the Cottonwood Trailhead the terrain is diverse and varies from packed, non-technical trail, to more challenging deep sandy washes, a few steep rocky hills, and bit of slick rock.
From the Cottonwood Trailhead, you can continue on the northeastern most section of trail to the White Reef Trailhead. This section is the easiest, with mostly packed trail, a few sandy sections and hills.
If beginning at the new White Reef Trailhead, trail users will have to follow the Red Cliffs Road going North to reach the Prospector Trail. In Spring 2011, new trails will connect this trailhead to the existing step-over for the Prospector Trail.
Views of the Pine Valley Mountains and the red sandstone cliffs of Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness grace the whole extent of this area.

Area Trails Map

Mountain Biker on Prospector Trail 












  Prospector Trail runs along edge of bushes and grass with Pine Valley Mountain in background.