Volunteer Opportunities


Project Description

Crew Size
Maintain volunteer logs for the SGFO Archaeological/Paleontological Site Stewards Program
Basic computer
1 - 2
Work with local elementary schools in conducting classroom or outdoor sessions on wildlife, habitat management, geology, water quality, and/or responsible public land use behavior and ethics.
Good presentation skills
1 - 2
Conduct periodic monitoring of back country hiking, biking, or equestrian trails in remote locations including identification of illegal or destructive land uses and dumping.
Ability to get around in back country by foot, bike, or horse
Install mountain bike ride-over on Barrel Roll Trail in the Santa Clara River Reserve.
Basic labor
4 or more
Remove large debris (water heater, pallets, etc.) from River Trail in Santa Clara River Reserve.
Basic labor and heavy lifting
2 or more
Repair small sections of barbed wire fence on Bear Claw Poppy habitat for the Bear Claw Poppy Trail.
Basic labor
2 or more





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