Utah 4x4 Club Completes National Public Lands Day Project

The Utah 4x4 Club has done it again. Their fourth major cleanup in less than two years was conducted on National Public Lands Day, Saturday, September 26, 2009. This time, the hard-charging volunteers picked a really tough project—a cleanup near the unofficial “LaVerkin Gun Range.”
Long used as an illegal dumping site, the area is covered with garbage and shooting debris. The 32 members of the 4x4 Club spent the day hauling out mattresses, furniture, dishwashers, and abandoned vehicles, and loading them into a waiting dumpster, all the while flinching at the constant gunfire from the nearby gun range. They also filled 70 garbage bags with shooting debris, including clay pigeons, broken glass, beer cans, and a decade’s worth of paper targets.
Club members came from all over Washington County to clean up the popular site, which is just a few minutes from downtown LaVerkin, Utah. A majority of the club members expressed disdain for the irresponsible use of the area, wishing people would just take a few minutes and “clean up after themselves.”
BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner, Dave Kiel, took part in the cleanup and was once again amazed by the club’s dedication to the preservation and care of public lands. “The 4x4 Club has been my number one group when a tough project shows up,” said Kiel. “They are by far my best volunteers and the BLM St. George Field Office is proud to partner with them.”

Volunteer at bottom of debris filled ravine.Volunteers attacking a hugh pile of debris.Volunteer's personal vehicle transporting collected garbage from area.