Eagle Scout Graffiti Removal Project

18 members of Troop 1786 and 6 leaders assisted Curtis Loe in his Eagle Scout project on Saturday, December 8, 2012. The project consisted of removing graffiti scratched into sandstone rocks in the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness, within the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. The troops used water, brushes, and pieces of sandstone to restore the vandalized area. The damaged area along the Red Reef Trail is now in excellent condition.

Scout leaders, visitors, and Bureau of Land Management employees were impressed by the organization of the project and determination of the young scouts. National Conservation Area Park Ranger, Braden Yardley, assisted in the restoration efforts driven forward by the Eagle Scout project. “The scouts worked hard. They restored the initial project area and also improved other vandalized places along the Red Reef Trail.”

Scouts removing graffiti in Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness

The rock face post graffiti removal