4x4 Clubs Cleanup Public Lands

On Saturday, December 6, 2008, over 50 volunteers representing five Southern Utah organizations, cleaned up a large swath of BLM-managed lands just outside the City of Santa Clara. Organized by the Utah 4x4 Club, the cleanup included members from that club as well as the Tri-State ATV Club, Access America 4x4 Club, and Rockoholics Anonymous. A special thanks goes to the Canyon Country 4x4 Club who came all the way from Kanab for the cleanup.Utah Four Wheel Drive Association members at work site.
Just minutes from downtown Santa Clara, public lands have become a magnet for illegal dumping and irresponsible target shooting. A two-mile stretch along Stucki Springs Road had collected so much garbage it was becoming a real eyesore.
In just over four hours, the energetic group loaded abandoned cars, refrigerators, washing machines, and yard waste into a waiting dumpster. They also filled 180 garbage bags with broken glass, beer cans, and an enormous amount of target shooting debris, including shotgun shells, spent cartridges, clay pigeons, and thousands of paper targets. Scene of collected garbage. Too much for dumpsters!
Kurt Deissenberger, the 4X4 club’s activities director, said this project is just one among many continual proactive approaches his group takes to educate the public and promote healthy and constructive motorized recreational use. Group members also enjoy being a good neighbor and assisting in positive ways in their partnership with the BLM. “We want to show we’re really a responsible club and we want to do what we can to help,” Deissenberger said. 

Jimmy Tyree, Field Office Manager for the BLM St. George Field Office, took part in the cleanup and was impressed with the club’s work ethic and their dedication to responsible motorized recreation. “This place has become one of our biggest problem areas,” said Tyree. “The fact that over fifty people showed up and worked this hard on such a beautiful December weekend, well, you can’t buy that kind of help. The St. George Field Office really appreciates this kind of effort.”

Volunteers using their personal vehicles to haul collected garbage to dumpster.