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Endangered Cactus Information

Fishhook Cactus (Sclerocactus wrightiae)

The fishhook cactus is a rare species found in Wayne and Emery counties. The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) listed it as Endangered in October 1979. The recovery plan prepared by the FWS in 1985 reported 13 locations containing an unknown number of cacti.

In August 2005, the FWS reviewed a petition to determine whether there was substantial information warranting the delisting of Wright fishhook cactus. Their review found there was not sufficient supporting documentation to de-list this species. The Service initiated a 5-year review of the cactus under section 4(c)(2)(A) of the Endangered Species Act that will consider new information as it becomes available on the species.

According to the research, thirty-two of the 85 (38%) of known Sclerocactus wrightiae locations in the Richfield Field Office area are being or have been impacted by ATV and/or motorcycle activity. The remaining 53 locations may contain motorized recreation disturbances; either no data was collected on ATV disturbances during the last recorded visit or no detailed information is known at this time.

Winkler Cactus (Pediocactus winkleri Heil)

Pediocactus winkleri was proposed for listing as Endangered in October 1993. However, following several years of survey work by various individuals, it was designated as a Threatened species on August 19, 1998. A draft recovery plan was written by FWS in 1995.

It blooms in early spring from March to early May and may reach one inch above the ground.