Old Woman Front ACEC

Land Use Plan:Richfield Resource Management Plan
Acreage: 330
Date:October 2008
Values: Relict vegetation
Management Guidance:
  • Manage the area for multiple use, while protecting the relict vegetation.
  • Permit no human activities that directly or indirectly modify ecological processes.
  • Allow no wildlife habitat manipulation.
  • Prohibit the introduction or spread of exotic animal species.
  • Allow wildland fire use within the parameters of an approved fire plan and only under a prescription designed to accomplish the objectives of the area.
  • Suppress fires using minimal impact tools and techniques.
  • Avoid the use of heavy equipment.
  • Avoid post-fire rehabilitation; if needed, use seed of indigenous species, and locally adapted ecotypes.
  • Allow no logging or harvest of woodland products, fuelwood gathering, or Christmas tree cutting.
  • Unavailable for livestock grazing.
  • Construct no range improvements.
    Issue no special recreation permits.
  • Close area to off highway vehicle use.
  • Authorize no roads, new trails, fences, signs, buildings, or other physical improvements.
  • Recommend withdrawing from mineral entry.
  • Manage as open to oil and gas leasing with major constraints, such as no surface occupancy.