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Due to extremely dry conditions and pursuant to regulations of the Department of Interior, 43 CFR 9212.1(h), the following acts are prohibited on federal lands, roads, trails and waterways, described below by the Bureau of Land Management-Canyon Country Fire Zone. This order is effective 12:00 a.m., on the 11 day of July, 2014 and will remain in effect until rescinded by the Bureau of Land Management-Canyon Country District Manager.

·         No campfires, except in permanently constructed cement or metal fire pits provided in developed campgrounds and picnic areas.

·         The use/discharge of any kind of fireworks, explosives, incendiary or chemical devices, pyrotechnic devices,

·         exploding targets or the use of steel core/jacketed ammunition.

·         Operating or using any internal or external combustion engine without a spark arresting device properly installed, maintained and in effective working order.

·         Cutting, welding or grinding metal in areas of vegetation.

 Permissible acts

·         Devices fueled by petroleum or liquid propane gas (LPG) products with a shut-off valve are allowed in areas clear of flammable vegetation (10ft X 10ft).

·         Charcoal burning is allowed in developed campgrounds or picnic grounds within permanent fire rings or grills constructed of metal or concrete. In undeveloped camping locations charcoal must be set in metal pans in areas clear of flammable vegetation (10ft X 10ft). Extinguish with water when unattended.

·         Smoking is allowed in areas clear of flammable vegetation (10ft X 10ft). Cigarettes and matches must be properly extinguished before disposed of.

 The following persons are exempt from the order

 All exemptions to the restrictions will be handled through local “permits” issued by the authorized officer for activities that will not conflict with the purpose of the order (43 CFR 9212.3).

Area description

All Bureau of Land Management-Canyon Country Fire Zone lands located in south eastern Utah in Carbon, Emery, Grand and San Juan counties. (See Fire Prevention Order Map)


Individuals violating this order can be subject to a $1000 fine and associated fire suppression and rehabilitation costs (43 CFR 9212.4).

Fire prevention order information may be obtained at or by contacting the BLM Canyon Country Fire Zone Fire Management Specialist at 435-259-2184.

 For the official fire prevention order click here.


Desolation Gray Canyons River Permit System is now on

The BLM Price Field Office has moved the permitting system for Desolation Gray Canyons of the Green River to   River trip permits and the screen cabin reservations can now be made through is your gateway to discover America's Outdoors and more!  Your one-stop shop for trip planning, information sharing and reservations brought to you by 12 federal participating partners. Seven of which offer advance reservations at 2,500 federal areas for over 60,000 facilities and activities.  Included are the Army Corps of Engineers, Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Archives.

Visit today.

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Price Recreation Insider

Recreation Insider 16
- January 2014 Issue

"Stay on Designated Trails. Being responsible doesn’t mean being boring. Have a blast out there. Just use common sense and simple outdoor ethics to keep your riding areas beautiful, healthy, and open." -Tread Lightly




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Little Wild Horse and Bell Canyons Loop Hike

National Wild Horse and Burro Program

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Price ROD/Resource Management Plan


Energy Development in the Price Area
Energy Development in the Price Area


San Rafael River Canyon
"The Wedge Overlook"
San Rafael River Canyon with Windowblind Butte in the distance

The Price Field Office is located in the midsection of Utah--the gateway to the red-rock country of the San Rafael Swell. The swell as been described as the jagged remains of a dinosaur backbone, an exposed sandstone coral reef, and a stone saw blade.

No matter how you describe this place, it is a desolate but fascinating country. Traveling east, you’ll find the Green River, a premiere river trip in Utah’s deepest canyon that runs through Desolation and Gray Canyons.

Nine-Mile Canyon just west of the Green River is a major representative area of the prehistoric Fremont Culture where one can see panels of rock art and, if you look closely, some well-hidden storage bins.