Monticello Field Office

San Juan River

Reserved Campsite Information and Map

Where:  Downstream of the Government Rapid campsite (~river mile 64) to Clay Hills


When:  March 1st - October 31st

The BLM has a mandatory assigned campsite system on the San Juan River for trips taking-out at Clay Hills.  The reserved sites comprise the nine major campsites downstream of the camp at Government Rapid (~river mile 64, see map).  Camping is restricted to these nine sites only.  All river users must have an assigned campsite in this area.  You may schedule up to two nights in this section of the river, if two are available.  You may not camp at the same reserved campsite for more than one night.  If you are spending two nights in the reserved section, your first night must be in one of the Slickhorn sites (A - E), and your second night must be in one of the sites downstream from Slickhorn.  These camps may not be shared by more than one party.

In addition to a BLM reservation, a Navajo Nation permit is required to camp at Slickhorn E or hike in Oljeto Wash.

Campsites are reserved at the time of permit payment, by returning the "Reserved Campsite Request Form" (enclosed with launch reservations) along with your fee payment, or over the phone when you pay with a credit card.  

Campsites at Grand Gulch, Trimble Camp, Oljeto Wash, and Steer Gulch are located at the mouths of drainages and can experience flash floods during rainy weather.  During inclement weather, exercise caution.  Make sure your campsite has safe areas of higher ground and is out of the path of flash floods.  BLM does not recognize the beach area at the mouth of Oljeto Wash as part of the campsite; if you reserve Oljeto Wash, exercise caution if camping in the beach area and/or camping with a larger than recommended group. 

Your safety is your responsibility.  Travel on the San Juan River has inherent risks and river runners assume complete responsibility for their own safety.