Daneros Mine Plan Modification
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Plan:  Daneros Plan of Operations


Figure 1-1:  Site Location Map

Figure 2-1:  Unpatented Mining Claims

Figure 2-2:  Surface Ownership Map

Figure 3-1a:  Existing Condition Daneros Portal Area

Figure 3-1b:  Existing Condition Bullseye Portal Area

Figure 3-1c:  Existing Condition South Portal Area

Figure 3-2a:  Operations Daneros Portal Area

Figure 3-2b:  Operations Bullseye Portal Area

Figure 3-2c:  Operations South Portal Area

Figure 3-3:  Vent Hole Area

Figure: 3-4:  Typical Vent Hole Area of Disturbance

Figure 3-5:  Gamma Survey - Bullseye Portal Area

Figure 3-6:  Gamma Survey - South Portal Area

Figure 3-7:  Surface Roads

Figure 4-1:  Vent Closure Design Cased Vent Shafts

Figure 4-2:  Vent Closure Design Uncased Vent Shafts

Figure 4-3a:  Reclamation Daneros Portal Area

Figure 4-3b:  Reclamation Bullseye Portal Area

Figure 4-3c:  Reclamation South Portal Area

Figure 8-1:  Geological Cross Section Daneros Portal Area

Figure 8-2:  NRCS Soil Map 



Attachment A:  Names and Titles of Corporate Officers

Attachment B:  Daneros Mine Unpatented Mining Claims 

Attachment C:  Drainage Report for Daneros Mine

Attachment D:  Daneros Mine Rock Geochemistry Investigation

Attachment E:  Gamma Survey Data

Attachment F:  Vegetative Ground Cover Surveys

Attachment G:  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Attachment H:  Assessment of Potential for SRAs to Generate Leachate

Attachment I:  Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plan

Attachment J:  Utah Division Air Quality Approval for Construction

Attachment K:  Reclamation Cost Estimate

Attachment L:  Biological Survey Information

Attachment M:  Air Emissions Inventory

Last updated: 02-03-2014