Westwater Canyon Pilot Program

Pilot Program for Westwater Canyon 
of the Colorado River

During the 2014 season the Moab BLM has reserved four summer launches for this program:
-       July 16

-       August 20, 25 and 28

This pilot program, and river trips under the pilot program, is limited to the 18 Westwater outfitters. The BLM will provide up to 200 user days for the program each year, in addition to the normal company allocations. The Utah BLM State Director has waived the $10.00 per person Special Area Fee.

These pilot launches will be held for groups serving veterans of the American military with service-related disabilities, until 90 days prior to the launch date. If the pilot launches are not awarded within the 90 day window, these launches would be made available to groups that serve individuals with disabilities regardless of veteran’s status. If the pilot launches are not awarded within 30 days prior to the launch date, the launch and user days would revert to the outfitter pool for distribution by the BLM.

If you are interested in participating in this program, contact one of the 18 commercially permitted outfitters in Westwater Canyon.

During the 2013 season no pilot launches were awarded.

Westwater Canyon