Moab Field Office Photos

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Colorado River

Colorado River from Dome Plateau

Swazey's Beach          Fisher Towers at Sunset          Trough Springs Canyon Trailhead  

Swazey's Beach                                                            Fisher Towers at Sunset                                                     Trough Springs Canyon Trailhead                        

Westwater Canyon          Skull Rapid in Weswater Canyon          Colorado River from Highway 128

Westwater Canyon                                                              Skull Rapid in Westwater Canyon                                    Colorado River along Highway 128

Castle Valley Formations from Ida Gulch          Corral on Yellowcat Road          Cottonwood Canyon in the Bookcliffs

Castle Valley formations from Ida Gulch                 Corral on Yellowcat Road                                                   Cottonwood Canyon in the Bookcliffs    

Rock Art on Highway 279          Rock Art in Lower Gray Canyon          Castle Rock, Rectory and Priest and Nuns Formations

Rock Art on Highway 279                                                   Rock Art in Lower Gray Canyon                                       Castle Rock, Rectory & Priest and Nuns

Porcupine Rim          Prairie Canyon in the Bookcliffs          Negro Bill Canyon WSA

Porcupine Rim                                                                       Prairie Canyon in the Bookcliffs                                      Negro Bill Canyon WSA

Dubinky Well          Photographer at Anticline Overlook          Start of Moab Half Marathon

Dubinky Well                                                                         Photographer at Anticline overlook                                Moab Half Marathon

Nash Wash in the Bookcliffs          The Rectory and Castle Rock          Fisher Towers from Highway 128

Nash Wash in the Bookcliffs                                              The Rectory and Castle Rock                                                                 Fisher Towers from Highway 128   

  Pronghorn     Campsite at Hittle Bottom     Behind the Rocks from Poison Spider Trail

   Pronghorn                                                                                             Campsite at Hittle Bottom                                     Behind the Rocks