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Master Leasing Plan

The Canyon Country District Office has initiated a planning effort to prepare the Moab Master Leasing Plan (MLP), amendments to the Moab and Monticello Resource Management Plans (RMPs), and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The scope of the decisions in the MLP is limited to oil and gas and potash leasing within the Planning Area. This planning effort does not entail a full RMP revision, but rather maintains a limited focus on the issues of oil and gas and potash leasing in a portion of the Moab and Monticello Field Offices. Due to the limited focus of this planning effort, decisions that would normally be considered in a full RMP revision will not be considered.

The MLP process will provide additional planning and analysis prior to new leasing of oil and gas and potash within the Planning Area. The MLP will enable the Moab and Monticello Field Offices to evaluate in-field considerations such as optimal parcel configurations and potential development scenarios, identify and address potential resource conflicts and environmental impacts from development, develop mitigation strategies, and consider a range of new constraints. The outcome of the MLP process may result in new mineral leasing stipulations and development constraints accomplished through amendments to the land use plans (Moab and Monticello RMPs). The EIS will analyze likely development scenarios and land use plan alternatives with varying mitigation levels for mineral leasing.

MLP Postcard

Analysis of the Management
Situation and
 Environmental Impact Statement

AMS Cover Page

 Reasonably Foreseeable Development
 Scenario for Oil and Gas

Reasonably Foreseeable Development Scenario for Moab Master Leasing Plan


 Scoping Report and
 Environmental Impact Statement


Scoping Report & Associated EIS for the Moab Master Leasing Plan

Socioeconomic Baseline Reportand 
Environmental Impact Statement 

Socioeconomic Baseline Report/EIS

*This report reflects data available as of January, 2012. The report will be updated as needed for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.