The Cedar City Field Office currently manages lands that support wind and geothermal projects.

Wind Energy
Wind Farm development is a new and emerging energy resource that the Cedar City Field Office is actively involved in. Wind power uses the naturally occurring energy of the wind for practical purposes like generating electricity, charging batteries, or pumping water. There are several companies that have right-of-way grants for wind energy site testing and monitoring within the boundaries of the Cedar City Field Office. One company has submitted an application for a right of way grant for commercial wind energy development facilities.
The Cedar City Field Office is currently responsible for all geothermal energy production on public lands within the State of Utah. The two known geothermal resource areas (KGRA) that have commercial power production capability are Cove Fort/Sulphurdale and Roosevelt. Responsibility for the Cove Fort /Sulphurdale KGRA was transferred from the Richfield Field Office to the Cedar City Field Office in March, 2006. To date, a totoal of eight thousand acres are currently under lease for geothermal development.