Idaho's Mount Borah
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Enjoy & Learn in the Outdoors

Fun Adventures on BLM Lands

Craters of the Moon National Monument 

Cress Creek Nature Trail

Cress Creek Nature Trail

Along the scenic South Fork of the Snake River, the 1¼-mile Cress Creek Nature Trail presents life in the area as it is now and as it was long ago.

Hull's Gulch National Recreation TrailHulls Gulch National Recreation Trail

Hulls Gulch is a quiet escape from the city below (Boise) and a place to learn about the unique natural history of the Boise Foothills and surrounding valley.

 Bonneville Point 
Bonneville Point

Stand in the same spot where Captain Benjamin Bonneville and his expedition party overlooked the valley he named Les Bois, site of the city that today bears the same name — Boise.

 North Menan Butte
Menan Butte Trail

The twin Menan Buttes are two of the world’s largest tuff cones - volcanoes that form when basaltic magma boils up through ground water. The trail to the summit of the North Butte offers exceptional opportunities to explore the unique geology and natural history of this area.

 Mineral Ridge - View of Blue Creek Bay 
Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail

The 3.3-mile trail was part of the first BLM recreation site developed in Idaho. Construction began in 1963. In 1982, the trail was designed as a National Recreation Trail and offers an invigorating hike and beautiful views of Lake Coeur d'Alene.

 Hell's Half Acre 
Hell's Half Acre Lava Trail System

The Hell's Half Acre Lava Trail crosses the Snake River Plain desert through the rough terrain and contorted landscapes created by multiple lava flows. The Hell's Half Acre flow is the most recent in eastern Idaho, having erupted about 4,100 years ago.

 Celebration Park rock art 
Celebration Park

Established in 1989, Celebration Park is Idaho's only archaeological park. While you’re here, explore this area’s high desert flora and discover the rock-face petroglyphs of Native Americans and early settlers from over 12,000 years ago. It is managed by Canyon County Parks and Recreation.

Foothills Learning Center Foothills Learning Center

Science comes alive for students and other visitors to the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center. Operated by the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department, the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center focuses on education and information about the Boise foothills and the surrounding high-desert environment. It is a place for learning by direct experience with the outdoors.  


Ridge to Rivers Trail System  Ridge to Rivers

The Boise Foothills rise above Idaho's Capitol and largest city, providing a postcard backdrop that inspires and soothes the soul. An interconnected network of over 130 miles of roads and trails courses through these hills, linking not only neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with the natural environment.