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Chapter 11 - ACECs
South Sierra Management Area

Blue Ridge

This existing ACEC is located in central Tulare County nine air miles north of Springville and 12 air miles south of Three Rivers. The ACEC encompasses approximately 3,195 acres of Federal surface and subsurface, and 2,100 acres of Federal minerals. The ACEC includes all Bureau managed public lands within the Blue Ridge Critical Condor Habitat Zone, designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1976.

Blue Ridge has been an important California condor roost location close to nesting and foraging areas. Both the historic record and recent surveys by the National Audubon Society, the Condor Research Center, California Department of Fish and Game, and the Bureau confirmed frequent use by condors from June through August. It is also suspected that periodic use of the roost occurred throughout the rest of the year. California condors were released back into the wild in January 1992.

The ACEC was designated with the adoption of the South Sierra Foothills Management Framework Plan in August 1984. The ACEC will be expanded by adding 20 acres of public surface and subsurface to the existing ACEC. In addition to the Bureau managed ACEC, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages 897 acres as the Blue Ridge National Wildlife Refuge, and the California Department of Fish and Game manages 596 acres as the Blue Ridge Ecological Reserve. In 1985, an interagency Blue Ridge Habitat Management Plan was completed for the lands within the Blue Ridge Critical Condor Habitat Zone.

The Blue Ridge Critical Condor Area remains relatively unchanged since condors were last documented using the area in 1985. The primary roost trees utilized by condors in the past remain standing. There is, however, concern that when these preferred snags are no longer usable, suitable replacement roosts will not be available. Complicating management, the area is an intermix of public (Federal and State) and private lands, and these primary roost trees are located on private lands.

No livestock grazing leases have been authorized for the area, nor have any oil and gas leases been issued. No Bureau rights-of-way have been authorized within the area, although numerous structures, including radio and microwave towers exist on private and State lands within the area. The Blue Ridge area is entirely underlain by granitic rocks.  There are no known locatable mineral mines or prospects in the area.

Until such time as the Critical Condor Habitat designation is removed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the area will continue to meet the relevance and importance criteria and continued designation an ACEC is warranted.

Objective      Manage the Blue Ridge ACEC for the protection of designated critical condor habitats in cooperation with USFWS and CDF&G.

Management Prescriptions

This ACEC is closed to oil, gas and geothermal leasing.

The area is proposed for withdrawal from entry under the mining laws.

The ACEC is unavailable for livestock use due to other resource concerns unless grazing is deemed necessary by the USFWS to assist in condor recovery.

This ACEC is designated as closed to OHV's.

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Public access may be restricted during condor use periods.

Legal Description


T. 19 S., R. 29 E., MDB&M
Sec. 5 Lots 11, 12, 16
Sec. 6 Lots 6, 16
Sec. 7 Lot 1, SE¼NE¼, NE¼SE¼
Sec. 8 Lots 3, 4, SW¼NE¼, W½W½, W½SE¼
Sec. 15 W½NE¼, NW¼, N½SW¼, N½SE¼SW¼, SW¼SE¼SW¼, N½NW¼SE¼, N½S½NW¼SE¼, S½SW¼NW¼SE¼, W½NW¼SW¼SE¼
Sec. 18 E½,
Sec. 19 NE¼, NE¼SE¼,
Sec. 20 Lots 3, 4, W½W½, SE¼,
Sec. 21 N½NE¼, SW¼SE¼, W½, W½SE¼
Sec. 28 Lots 1, 2, E½NW¼,
Sec. 29


T. 19 S., R. 29 E., MDB&M
Sec. 5 Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,10
Sec. 6 Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15
Sec. 7 Lot 2, SW¼NE¼, E½SW¼, W½SE¼, SE¼SE¼
Sec. 17 Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, W½W½
Sec. 18 E½NW¼, E½SW¼
Sec. 19 E½NW¼, NE¼SW¼, W½SE¼, SE¼SE¼
Sec. 20 Lot 2
Sec. 28 Lot 5
Sec. 30 Lots 1, 2, NE¼, E½NW¼, SE¼

Area Map

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