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Chapter 11 - ACECs
Valley Management Area

Alkali Sinks

This ACEC consists of 402 acres of public surface and subsurface in three parcels in the San Joaquin Valley, Kern County, California.

This ACEC protects the rare valley sink scrub community (Holland 1986) and associated wildlife. This community has largely been extirpated from the Central Valley by conversion to agricultural fields, construction of canals and transportation corridors, and urbanization. These three parcels exhibit prime examples of the variation in species composition naturally found in this community. All parcels have a low potential for blunt-nosed leopard lizard, while one parcel has high potential for San Joaquin kit fox. Each parcel has a moderate potential for Tipton kangaroo rat.  Sensitive plants include species of annual saltbush and recurved larkspur. More survey work is needed to characterize the flora and fauna of these parcels.

This ACEC is considered to have high potential for the occurrence of oil and gas. There is no known potential for any other mineral commodities.

Parcels within this ACEC are not leased for oil and gas and there are no mining claims.

The area meets the relevance and importance criteria and consideration as an ACEC.

Objective     Manage the Alkali Sink ACEC to protect the rare alkali sink plant community and habitat for State and Federally listed plants and animals.

Management Prescriptions

This ACEC is open for the leasing of oil, gas, and geothermal resources subject to NSU.

The ACEC is proposed for withdrawal from entry under the mining laws.

Manage as a Day Use area

Access off designated routes of travel is restricted to pedestrian travel.

Water diversions are prohibited.

Collection of vegetative materials within the ACEC requires authorization.

The ACEC is unavailable for livestock grazing due to other resource concerns.

Legal Description

T. 32 S., R. 26 E., MDB&M
Sec. 8 Lot 1
Sec. 22 S½,

T. 26 S., R. 21 E., MDB&M
Sec. 2 Lot 6

Area Map

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